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It is normal to feel worried or experience difficult emotions at times in response to different events and situations.

For most people this is temporary and resolved naturally with out long term problem.

For some negative emotions can become worse over time, resulting in debilitating mental ill-health conditions.

At Optima Care we understand the need for a safe space and personalised accommodation offering services that support kindness and the care required for the recovery journey.

Optima Care offers a range of Mental Health Services for young adults and older people.

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Mental ill-Health conditions can be successfully treated

Mental ill-Health conditions can be successfully treated and our care and support team are experienced in helping people overcome conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress using therapeutic techniques to improve on people’s well being.

Our Homes mental health services are founded on the recovery model and goals for each individual. Our nursing and support teams provide very specialist assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and education services leading to recovery.

We offer innovative approaches to complex problems for young and older adults with mental disorders, severe mental illness, acquired brain injury, learning disability with challenging behaviour, complex needs and autistic spectrum disorder.

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Services We Offer

We work collaboratively with NHS mental health foundation trusts across England, often providing a rehabilitation-focused, step-down service from medium or low secure accommodation. Our services are designed to enable adults living with long-term mental health conditions, improving quality of life and encouraging the greatest possible engagement with the community, either within our homes or through our step-down services.


Acquired Brain Injury

Alcohol Related Dementia (Korsakoff’s)


Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Behaviours that Challenge

Bipolar Disorder


Dual Diagnosis

Forensic History

Learning Disability

Organic Mental Ill-Health

Personality Disorders

Pick’s Disease


Vascular Dementia