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Dementia is caused by damage to the brain, the damage can often be seen on brain scans so it isn't "in the Mind". Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia.

However there are around 200 different types of dementia including Vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, Frontotemporal dementia or a combination of dementia's.

Optima Care have specialist nursing services with specially trained staff that understand the challenges associated with these conditions; helping those who are distressed or at risk of harming themselves.

We are proud to care for all your needs.

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Therapeutic Approach to Dementia Care

We understand that drugs aren't the only way to treat the symptoms of dementia. Complementary therapy is the fastest growing approach and several studies have shown that light, reminiscence, cognitive stimulation to Doll therapy can provide comfort for some one with dementia.

A Person Centered Approach

Optima Care follow The Person Centered Approach as its easy to see the illness and forget about the person they used to be.

We ensure that the person living with dementia remains the focus - not the illness - and that people are always treated with respect, and as unique individuals.

We work in a culture that observes, has outcomes and detailed levels of interventions using this positive dementia methodology.

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Specialist Care Services

Optima Care are proud to provide specialist short term dementia assessment services and longer term care and support provision to private clients and health or local authority provision. Offering an invaluable step up or step down pathway of care enabling stabilization of acute events and giving time for appropriate longer term care packages to be arranged; thus preventing unnecessary hospital or long term care admission. Ask us about our End stage Dementia Care Services. We are happy to help.

Specialising in Dementia

We have a depth and knowledge of experience not only through our staff but through our relatives of clients. Our specialist teams of carers and nurses work along side Specialist Dementia Nurses and are trained using the Sterling University "Best Practice in Dementia" model.