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White Rock Primary School Intergenerational Work at Primley Court Nursing Home

15th May 2019

White Rock Primary School - Rocks!

This year (2019), for the period of one term, selected pupils from Year 6 at White Rock Primary School made weekly visits to the residents of Primley Court Residential Home. The residents and children did various activities together, such as making cards, completing puzzles, telling stories, singing and playing games. It became clear that both generations benefited from spending time together. Some of the children may not have interaction with elderly people in their day-to-day life, and therefore may not have been taught to respect their elders. However, when interacting with elderly people is part of their education, then they can be taught to respect their elders. If the children are having fun and learning with the residents, then their respect for each other will also grow naturally. This could be seen very quickly in the children who participated.

The visits also helped the children feel valued and the intergenerational work enabled value to be placed in sharing life experiences, and helped break down assumptions that the children may have had about the older generation.

It’s important that schools make links within their community and these visits also enhanced the children’s interpersonal skills, encouraged teamwork and instilled a burgeoning sense of confidence. The children made a connection with the residents and the relationships they formed helped the children understand the value of older people.

It was a pleasure to see the children and residents interact and the visit very quickly became the highlight of the children’s week. I’m pleased that we can continue to give children at White Rock Primary School the opportunity to learn from the residents.

Sean Aldredge

Class Teacher