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Homes Support Group for Relatives and Friends

15th November 2018

Outstanding success and response to Primley Court and Primley Views recent education seminar program for Relatives and Friends.

Relatives and friends of Primley Court recently attended another support group seminar on the subject of better insight in to Dementia and end stage Dementia.

The fantastic multidisciplinary team from The NHS Chadwell Dementia Care Center in Paignton spoke about the condition that our residents are suffering with. "It was a privilege to learn of others experiences" said one relative.

Optima Care funded this event which took place in the Palace Hotel on Paignton sea front; speakers, refreshments and lunch where organised by the care home management team..

In November 2018 we where privileged to have Corine Koppenol RN and Catherine Hughes RN Clinical Education Facilitators from Rowcroft Hospice discuss End Stage Dementia and planning ahead for the future.

Optima Care again funded this event and Primley Court provided some welcome refreshment and a sandwich lunch when another opportunity was given to talk with our guest speakers and nursing professionals from Primley Court and Primley View Specialist Care team.