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Choosing a Care Home

We understand that the decision to place your loved one into a specialist care facility is an extremely difficult one to make. This is why we will always provide a through pre-admission assessment to all prospective residents to make sure we fully appreciate their individual needs and take into account those of the family or advocate as well.

Competitive Fee Rates

We offer the highest standards in safe flexible accommodation, care and support;for those with higher nursing needs, enduring dementia conditions or require our services to manage physical mental or medical conditions.

Your discerning choice is a competitive care package from the Optima Care Partnership, that offers measurable positive outcomes through robust care plans providing quality care at affordable prices.

Our residents do not live in our workplace . We work in their home.

Paying for Care

Paying for Care in a nursing or residential home or for carers for the patient in their own home can be expensive, but where the individual has assets exceeding over £23,250 there is no alternative. Or is there?

Often people believe, and perhaps have been incorrectly informed by the NHS or social workers via the Local Authority that there is no option but to pay for care privately. This is simply incorrect.

If the individual’s need for care is a health need then there is funding available through the NHS called Continuing Health Care. This funding pays for the individuals care costs in full, regardless of whether they are receiving care from carers in their own home or if they are in a residential or nursing home. The best news is that continuing health care is not in any way means tested so it is irrelevant if they own their own home or otherwise have assets exceeding the means testing limit of £23,250.

Free Professional Consultation

For private consultations, professional referrals; social care placement assessment or help with hospital discharge make an enquiry at your home of choice direct or contact us on 01934 620538 and we will be happy to help.

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